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All the social media platforms are currently only focusing on the pretty side of you but your intellectual side is sitting back in the closet. With snapchat and insta helping you be popular for your duck face. Stop being so extra!, Blert with its audio-visual feature and gain popularity for the intellectual part of you.

What is blert?

A social platform with predetermined questions and topics that will help you express our thoughts and voice your opinion

Why is it relevant?

See no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil..the three monkey of Gandhiji are no longer relevant because it’s time to not tolerate any evil and blert out all that you have on your mind

How is it different?

Unlike other social media who keep your thoughts in bluesky Give your thoughts a direction with different categories and questions and record your opinions

How is it going to help you?

Show your witty side in 30 seconds. Get an opportunity to have your blert to be aired on a news channel if you opt for it

How it works?

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Blurning Questions

Find all the trending questions. Find out what excites you. Is it politics or Bollywood or fashion and lifestyle. Do you like to be the first person to blert on a question which maybe only you’re aware about or opine about something you are passionate about or you may have a completely different view or opinion about a topic other are blerting about

Public outblerts

You can watch what people around the world have to say about all the topics within which you can see which ones are aired, which blert has maximum views, blerts with maximum upvotes and downvotes, most shared and most discussed topics
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Easy Registration

Sign-up for Blert by providing basic details like your e-mail address, demographics, mobile number or sign-up with facebook. Create a unique user ID and you’re ready to Blert


Get notified on the go. Whenever a new question is updated you are instantly notified with it


Have a different point of view and loved the way you have expressed it with blert? Share it on all the social media platform you are present


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us


“The one thing I like about Blert is that it lets me vent. I have an opinion on things happening around me. It is an intelligent platform that cares for genuine opinions and is not full of trolls like in other social media. It's quite simple to use, really”

- Darpan Kaur


“This app is onto something big. Blert is so relevant in today's times. It makes people's opinions heard on a large scale while making them feel, their opinions do count. Broadcasters will more and more depend on Blert to get the pulse of the nation. Make recording a bit more slick”

- Shrey Mishra


“Blert exists to elevate opinions to movements. It is a unique platform that is built on two pillars - aggregation and broadcasting. It brings aggregated opinions to media houses and gets them heard. Blert crates movements that create real change. It is the new foundation of a true democracy. Focus on the app design a bit more”

- Sunit Khot


“I am moved by causes. And I like technology. I would like to take up a cause in whichever way possible. Blert asks topical questions on current happenings across various fields like sports, bollywood, politics, technology, social causes etc. It is a great way of getting people involved in whatever they are passionate about. Just improve the user experience a bit.”

- Mehul Shah


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